EZee Expedir Alfine


The perfect bike for carrying children, groceries, plants, shopping – everything. Step through,
powerful and the highest quality componentry
The Expedir model was designed by eZee after many efforts electrifying cargo bikes that
began their life as regular bicycles. With those lessons learnt, they started at the drawing
board to produce an electric cargo bicycle in a completely separate league to the rest. It is the
most practical, adaptable, easy to use and affordable mid-long tail electric cargo bike
available world-wide. This bike is now also available with torque sensing and throttle override



· Chromoly frame – super strong and light
· Low Step-Through design to make mounting and dismounting easy even when carrying kids
or cargo.
· Plenty of length on the cargo rack behind the rider to tailor the bike to their needs (Up to
· Space to mount a battery of any size from 11Ah to 34Ah! This product is priced with the
20Ah battery.
· Specially designed kickstand which engages even with the payload
· Shimano Alfine Hydraulic Disc Brakes – compatible for usage of metallic brake pads to
reduce maintenance further.
· Shimano Alfine 8 Internal Gear Hub with Chain Tensioner – changing gears has never been
so easy. The Alfine internal gear hub removes that clunky feeling of changing gears. You can
also change gears while stationary which really assists takeoffs up hills or at the start of
intersections. The chain tension also increases the length between service visits as it keeps
tension on the chain so it never falls off.
· Bright front light powered at 400 lumens and bright rear light – both powered into your
battery so you never have to charge them or worry about them being stolen.
· Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres which drastically reduce the chance of punctures
· Mudguards to prevent rain-damaged clothes
· Axa Wheel Lock for extra security
· Wheel skirts and running boards to make carrying children easier
The eZee Expedir is likely the most popular family cargo bike in Sydney, where families face
many of the same barriers to riding with children on board as we do in Dunedin.

Additional information

Battery Amperage

13Ah, 16AH, 20Ah, 28Ah, 34Ah